Anabella and Monico’s 35th-year anniversary was a beautiful, joyous occasion that was documented perfectly through the power of photography. This is a day they will never forget, and I hope they cherish these photos.

Anabella and Monico were absolutely glowing as they embraced one another and shared loving glances. Anabella and Monico laughed and joked throughout the entire session. It was such a pleasure to capture that joy on camera. As the session continued, we moved around to different areas of the house, ending at the back patio.

The sun was setting and the lighting was perfect. Anabella and Monico took a moment to stop and look at each other, to remember their 35 years of marriage and all the love that has been shared between them. It was a beautiful reminder of why they chose each other, and of the commitment they have made to each other over the years.

Of course, I had to ask, what was the secret to their harmonious relationship. They told me that every month they have a special date to talk about their relationship. After 35 years of marriage, they still make time for each other and work on their relationship.

The location they chose was “The Bryan House”, which was perfect for this session since they wanted a session with greenery in the background.

Happy 35th anniversary Anabella & Monico.

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