Prep Boudoir

Are you ready to capture your sexiest self in a boudoir photoshoot? Here are some ideas on what to wear to make your boudoir session stand out!

Lingerie is a musthave for any boudoir session. Choose pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident, while still being comfortable. Look for pieces that highlight your curves and flatter your body shape. Think flowing robes, lace bralettes, and delicate lingerie sets.

A corset can give your boudoir session a touch of glamour. It’s also a great idea if you are conscious about your body shape. Look for corsets and bustiers that are comfortable and flattering. Choose pieces with intricate details such as ribbon and lace for a romantic look.

Shoes can make a big difference in your boudoir session. Look for shoes with a bit of height to give your look a sultry edge. Think skyhigh stilettos, high boots, or sexy strappy sandals.

If youre looking for a more casual look, try a loose or oversized sweater. Choose a sweater in a soft material that highlights your body shape and make sure its not too baggy. For a playful look, bring your partners buttondown shirt. Look for a shirt with a relaxed fit thats slightly oversized. Roll up the sleeves and leave a few buttons undone for a sexy, undone look. You can also try a sports shirt for a fun, sporty look.

Also bring two panties with you, one black and one white, to use in case they are necessary.

No matter what you choose to wear for your boudoir session, make sure you feel comfortable and confident. With these ideas, youll be sure to capture your sexiest self in your photoshoot!






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About makeup, try not to use too much highlighter as with a little sweat or studio lights it tends to be very reflective. It may not look as pretty.

If you need a Hair and Makeup artist here are some contacts:

GC Salon
(956) 683-8400

Ferocity Makeup
(956) 279-2789

Enchanted by Lolly
(956) 483-7602



X – Don’t Tan Your Skin: It’s important to note that you should avoid tanning your skin before your boudoir photo session. Tan lines are very difficult to edit and can make your photos look less than perfect. Unless you are ok with the tan lines in your final images.

Please prepare everything you need for the session two days before we meet. This will give you time to review the details and make sure everything is in.

Bring the nail polish you will be using that day. I have had cases where my clients arrive without an acrylic nail, and at least we can hide it a bit.

As a suggestion, please use natural-looking lashes, not too thick, since in the photo you would only see a black bar over your eyes as shown in the image below.







Here’s a list of things clients should not forget to bring to their boudoir session:

  1. Outfits: Pack a variety of outfits that make you feel confident and sexy. This may include lingerie sets, bodysuits, robes, stockings, nude, black and white panties, nipple covers, or any other items you feel comfortable and beautiful in.
  2. Accessories: Don’t forget to bring accessories such as jewelry, heels, stockings, or any other items that can add a touch of glamour and enhance your outfits.
  3. Props or Personal Items: If you have any props or personal items you’d like to incorporate into your session, such as a favorite book, a musical instrument, or sports equipment, feel free to bring them along.
  4. Makeup and Hair Products: Bring your preferred makeup and hair products, as well as any specific brushes or tools you may need for touch-ups. It’s always helpful to have these items on hand to refresh your look during the session. Don’t forget Nail polish jus in case.
  5. Skincare Essentials: Prioritize self-care by bringing your skincare essentials, such as moisturizers, lotions, and any other products that make you feel pampered and confident in your skin.
  6. Shoes: Don’t forget to pack a few pairs of shoes that complement your outfits. Consider bringing a variety of styles, such as heels, boots, or sandals, to match different looks.
  7. Confidence and Positive Energy: Most importantly, don’t forget to bring your confidence and positive energy. Relax, enjoy the experience, and embrace your unique beauty. Remember that the session is all about celebrating you and creating images that reflect your true personality.

Remember, this list may vary based on personal preferences and the specific vision you have for your boudoir session. Feel free to add or adjust items as needed.