Remember, your images will represent the company, not the individual.



Colors and patterns:

  • Please take into consideration your company politics or if you need to wear a uniform or specific colors for your headshots.
  • It is tempting to stick with black and white, but a splash of color can really make your image pop.
  • Black and/or white might be your “go-to” wardrobe choice, and that is fine, but photographically, pulling details out of black or white can be challenging.  So, if you love wearing black or white, bring it along, but also bring along colorful options with a tie.
  • If you are shooting on a white background, think contrast. Consider also dark colors, like, blue, grey, etc.
  • If you are shooting on a dark background and you need to shoot with a plain white shirt, accentuate it with an interesting tie. Make sure you feel good wearing it. If you feel good, you will look good.
  • Tight stripes or patterns can have a moire effect on camera causing distortion.


  • Make sure your clothes fit well. This is especially important for men’s collars, sports coats, and suit jackets. Guys, look at your jacket & shirt, watching for gaps at the back of your neck. Conversely, watch that your shirt is not too tight, causing your neck to “bulge” over your collar−even a little bulge will look terrible on camera.
  • A dress shirt without pockets is often considered to be more formal, not in the rigid sense, but it’s less distracting to the eye and makes for a sleeker look. In addition to that if you use a jacket, we will not have to try to hide the pocket.
  • If you are not confident tying a great tie knot, tie it before you come to the studio and slip it over your head.
  • Anything that isn’t fitted in shape can look too large or baggy in a photo

Keep Facial Hair Neat

  • If you typically have facial hair, there is no need to shave it off for your headshots. However, you should make sure that it is neatly trimmed and groomed for your photo session. If you are usually clean-shaven, you will want to shave for your shoot the morning of your session.

Style Your Hair

  • When it comes to styling your hair, you should choose a look that is consistent with what you would present in the workplace. Think about how you typically do your hair for a job interview, important meeting, or workplace presentation.
  • You may want to use hairspray, gel, and other products to tame frizz and make your hair look healthy. Make sure to avoid products that give a matte look. These are fine for some situations, but not for a photo shoot. Matte-finished hair will look dull and lifeless in pictures. Instead, use hair products that enhance shine.

Your Clothing Should be Clean and Well Pressed for Your Photo Session

  • Send your wardrobe to the cleaners before your headshot session. Keep the clothing looking great by bringing it in a garment bag. Do not stuff your clothing in a shoulder bag and expect it to look great when you pull it out.

Half and Full Body Portraits

  • Many of these same guidelines can work in a full-body portrait. Just keep in mind that the bottom and the top should work together.  Consider your body type and wear clothing that is flattering and comfortable. Shine shoes if you need a full-body portrait.


Consider that your hands may be in the portrait, so, make sure your nails are clean. Also, make sure to bring your moisturizing lotion so your skin can look healthy, or be prepared if I offer it :)


  • At the end of the day, the key to a wonderful business headshot is your smile. Make sure your teeth are clean and use some lip balm, yes, lip balm. Especially during winter, the lips tend to look very dry, discolored, and dull.
  • It might take you a few moments to relax in front of the camera. So, relax, and think of someone you love.  That feeling shows up as a beautiful smile on your mouth and your eyes. Ready?

Backgrounds colors available:

Please let me know prior to your session which colors you want to use so we can have them ready for you.