About me (the photographer)

Hello! I’m Dulce Licona, a portrait photographer serving McAllen and RGV area. I’m so excited you’re here :)
Portraiture is about recording you, your family, at this moment. My vision is to create pieces of art to help you remember who YOU are. I want to showcase your joy, passion, and love, so you can create beautiful wall displays to enjoy on a daily basis.

Random Facts about Me:
- I am the mom of two teenage daughters. They are my reason to be a better person every day.
- I have been married to my husband for 19 years, we met in college when we were both studying engineering
- Oh! I am also an Engineer. 
- I worked in the corporate world for around 15 years. One day I decided to change a bit :) 
and I focused on photography, and I have not changed this path, I love it, there is always something new to learn.
- I have a 4 legs son too, Charlie, our Maltese.
- Favorite movie... Eat, pray, love.
- Favorite singers... Adele, Mark Anthony.
- Love Italian food, seafood, Mexican corn, chocolate.
- Love rain.
- I speak Spanish, a lot better than English :)

I am an introvert, but a weird one I guess because I love meeting new people. I hope I can meet you very soon.

Let's be in touch, call me or send me a message, I will answer as soon as possible  :)

Life is an awfully big adventure …

About me